So Low So High re-release.

SLSH sketches

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Or indeed logged into my website at all. It’s been a bit of a busy year in the day job and my little family has become slightly less little with the arrival of my second daughter in May.

However, it’s not been all rushing about and changing nappies. Well, it has, but there has been some movement on a couple of projects. In April the rights to my first novel, So Low So High finally reverted to me after a painful year of trying to get them back. Yes, me and the original publishers are no longer. What this means is that I get to put a new cover on and put some Pete style promotion behind it, and of course keep all the profit for myself. Well, my daughters nappies anyway.

It’s been a great experience having a book published by someone, and one I needed at the time, however it’s also an experience publishing something yourself and being in the driving seat yourself. Something which I’m sure people who are reading this know I’ve done a fair amount of. Call me a control freak, if you like.

So the date has been set, the audiobook commissioned, the ebook and paperback sent off for formatting and the cover is being made – all by the people who have helped me all the way through. The same ones who worked for next to nothing, or indeed in Craig’s case, nothing, when I first published The Village Idiot Reviews not knowing if I’d ever earn back the pittance these people charged me. One of the things I’ve been able to do while self publishing is to live up to my promise to Craig Douglas, Julie Lewtwhaite and Graham D. Lock and use their services, for the going rate on my future books.

Anyway, I haven’t got much more to say other than, oh yeah, The release date is 24/9/15 and the picture is just a few ideas Graham had for the cover, it’ll look much better when it’s done and you’ll be the first to see it if you sign up to my new mailing list.


  1. Annette Thomas August 6, 2015 10:35 pm  Reply

    Just read the book. I am supposed to be doing a review but I am quite lost for words. How on earth did you write such a grafic brilliantly descriptive account of the life of Simon. It was quite witty in parts but obviously very tragic to think that someone could have such a life. I have two grown up sons who haven’t brought us a minutes trouble, How lucky are we. I was around in the late sixties and did see some messed up people but nothing has ever struck a cord with me as to the plight and tragic hopelessness that drugs and alcohol leave in their wake as this book.Congratulations I will leave reviews f

    • petethepen September 14, 2015 8:41 pm  Reply

      Hi Annette,

      Thanks for coming to find me here, I forget to come here myself sometimes, hence the late reply. I think living through similar myself helped with getting the thoughts and feelings of Simon onto paper. Although my life has not been half as exciting, hence the reason for writing a fictional book about it. I just wanted to show that people don’t choose to end up like Simon and that there is still a person in there, underneath all the symptoms which tend to overshadow anything positive within them.

      Thanks again for coming over here and letting me know what you think.



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