ANNOUNCEMENT -The Diary Of A Father In Waiting is coming soon.

father alone


As a few people have been asking and seemingly waiting for Graham Peterson’s next adventure into fatherhood and beyond, I thought I’d make the announcement that after some discussion with publishers, we’ve decided that it’s best for me to keep the series where it is and under my complete control. Well, they did but anyway…. That doesn’t change the fact that if you are one of the ones that have been waiting then you’ll be getting your hands on the forth in the series before christmas.


If you’d like a running score of what I’m up too. I’m just working through the final edit, there will then be a final read through by both me and Julie, then it’ll be ready. We’re probably looking at two or three weeks – depending on what else comes up.


It’s been a slower year this year for me on releases, but I can assure you the work hasn’t stopped and there is some good stuff in the pipeline. Die Happy Die Smiling is still in the works and some other stuff that I can’t talk about at the moment should, all being well, be sorted soon.


That’s enough from me. If you’d like a review copy as soon as I get the Kindle file then drop a comment below or on any of the other Social media places that you found the link to this. All I ask is that you pop a review on Amazon once you’ve read.




  1. Gill November 7, 2014 1:56 pm  Reply

    Would love a preview copy of your next book!!!

  2. Chris Turner November 1, 2014 11:58 am  Reply

    Awesome! I’m glad that wasn’t the end of Graham’s story. I felt sure there was more to come.
    I would love to read and review when it’s ready

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