Evolution Of Idiot

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After almost eighteen months out in the wilderness. Myself and my artist, Gray Lock decided that it was time The Village Idiot Reviews needed a fresh up. We’ve been working together since before this book came out and Graham has done all my artwork since excelling himself with the original cover. However, when we did this, we didn’t know each other well enough to do what we do now, which is basically be completely honest with each other about either one of our ideas.

As I writer and the man in charge of the overall project I do get final say, but there have been a few times when I’ve had to put my ego away and listen to my team. After all it’s the covers that are the first thing people see and I’m not an artist as you can see below. I have to say I was happy with the first cover Gray did, however he hasn’t been and has wanted to update it for sometime, which I’ve resisted somewhat, however during the Christmas period and for reasons, I’ve spoken in passing about before, I decided that yes, we needed an update.  So here it is. The reason it’s taken a bit of time is that while updating I decided to move the paperback from Lulu.com to Createspace, which is who hosts my other paperbacks. I just find them easier to use. The other bonus is they’re cheaper for both myself and whoever buys the books. To sell at the price of 4.99 on Lulu I would make about 3p on Createspace I get 89p which is a hell of a difference when you consider to make that on lulu I would need to price it at over seven quid. which for a little fun book like this, really isn’t worth it.

village progression.2

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Gray for his hard work and dedication to my projects, without him I don’t think this book alone would have sold over the nine or ten thousand copies it has. It is my bestseller and will remain my favourite for the above reason, but also as the motivation to write it came from losing one of the best friends I ever had, Dennis Roper.

Also, I can’t write about my project doing so well without mentioning the other valuable member of my team, Julie Lewtwhaite who as my editor and proofreader and formatter gets put through her paces. I can’t emphasise the point of having a good team behind you.

And thanks for course to everyone who had bought, reviewed and told a friend about this little book of mine.




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