FREE: The Diary Of An Inexperienced Father: months 4-9

Father books 1-3 ver2It’s that time of year (or month, if the last year of freebies is anything to go by) where I give away one of my books.

Yep, I’m being kind and giving away the third book in the ‘Father Diaries’ series, ‘The Diary Of An Inexperienced Father: months 4-9’, for nothing, nada, zilch.

Not only that, but seeing as how I’m a nice guy (and that I need some income sometimes) I’ve also lowered the price of the first two books, ‘The Diary of An Expectant Father’ and ‘The Diary Of a Hapless Father’ to 99p/c each.

If you haven’t got all of these books, now is the time to grab yourself one, or two, or even all three of them for a fraction of the usual price.

Also, if you feel like sharing and telling your mates about this, then please – feel free.



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