Another World First?

Now, I’m not one for shouting overly loudly about my achievements too much. I will share on Facebook and/or Twitter if I get to a chart position I’ve not been to before with a certain book and I have shared book figures before now, too.

However, one thing I haven’t screamed about and probably should have is that a couple of years ago I wrote a book in a style that no one had ever done before, entirely in product reviews. ‘The Village Idiot Reviews’ is still one of my most sold (notice I didn’t say ‘bestseller’?) books and is something I’m proud of. However, the reason I haven’t harped on about it is that I thought it was a one off and not something I’d be able to top.

Well, I still might not have, but I’ve had another unique idea I’m equally proud of.

The Complete Pete – The First Kindle Book Shelf.

Complete Pete shelf ver4

 We’ve all seen boxsets or boxed sets, depending on where you stand on that, and I was thinking about putting out a complete collection of my work so far. It was more to do with the artwork that got me thinking about making it a shelf. Now, let’s get this right, I’m more than aware that this is little more than marketing and packaging, I know that; however, I still think it looks awesome and am fairly sure it won’t be the last time we see books packaged in this way.

I suppose you could say I am staking my claim to having done it first by writing this post. Well, you’d be right, and there is something that’s made me feel like doing that. I won’t go on too much about it, or even name the book, as I’m not that bothered about it – after all they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but recently I noticed a book that was just too similar to one of mine to be a coincidence.

My feelings don’t get hurt easily and I’m not that bothered if someone wants to follow on and do something that I’ve done first – everyone gets inspiration from somewhere. Like I say, though, it has made me announce this collection, so in a way maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

There’s not a lot more to it other than to say it’s all the self-published work from 2012/2013. I needed to draw a line under it at some point and it’s already not got everything in as I’ve just released the third ‘Father Diary’ book, with ‘More Office Idiots’ coming next month, but it was always going to be like that in this quick moving world we live in.

So, there you have it, the first Kindle book shelf in the world*.

That’s about it.

Until next time …

*I’m going to look a right tit if there’s one I’ve missed, so please feel free to let me know I need to remove this in the comments if you know of one published before February 15th 2014.

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