About Pete Sortwell

Pete is 34 and lives with his wife, Lucie, Daughter’s Lilly and Amy, along with their family pet sofa, Jeff.e93f87e2Petesortwell

He’s been writing since April 2010 and it’s been pretty eventful; well, more eventful than he thought sitting on Jeff, typing, would be, anyway.

In 2012 Pete did something no one has ever done before and released  ‘The Idiot Reviews’. A series of books written entirely in the form of product reviews. He has also written ‘The Diary Of a … Father’ series and the ‘Sometimes Love..’ books are down to him too.

His books sold more than they ever would (which was one to his mum) and he’s definitely caught the writing bug.

Pete also writes crime and his debut novel ‘So Low So High’ is due to be re-released in September 2015 with the follow up ‘Die Happy Die Smiling’ coming in 2016.

In December 2013 Pete hit the top 100 UK kindle chart with two of his books. The Village Idiot Reviews and Dating in the Dark: sometimes love just pretends to be blind. In January 2014 he reached number 16 in the Kindle Charts.


You can purchase Pete’s books at Amazon here. 

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